Sylvia Volk (sylviavolk2000) wrote,
Sylvia Volk

Two short books, one short story

It strikes me that I'm doing things right with my approach to publishing as a business. That is, last month I had a neat idea about marketing my book Sungoddess: I created an extra edition, splitting the book into two shorter books, with new (and beautiful, I have to say) covers. Matching covers, mirror images of each other. The book splits naturally in two with a cliffhanger in the middle, so it was easy. Nifty new titles, too.

I've just published them on Amazon, this morning. Also, earlier, I published a short story called Dragon, Bucket, Moon. But what's really good is that I can do it all casually, right after breakfast - and then sit back and think, "Whoa! This isn't a big thing anymore!"
Tags: marketing, publishing, publishing on amazon, sungoddess

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