Sylvia Volk (sylviavolk2000) wrote,
Sylvia Volk

Absolutely unrelated to Thanksgiving!

I had a tooth pulled today. I'd been bracing myself for it, as who wouldn't; last night at this time I was telling myself, "Twenty-four hours and you'll be all through it, though with a sore jaw." Because nobody likes having work done at the dental surgeon's.

Anyway, my appointment was for 9 AM, and the roads were sloppy and snowy, so despite leaving an hour early for a half-hour drive across Calgary, I only got there about ten to 9, bearing with me the obligatory New Book To Read While Local Freezing takes hold (this is obligatory) - Lois Bujold's latest, Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, which I'd been looking forward to for, oh, three months. This dental surgeon is a breezy casual guy; during my preliminary checkup with him last month he glanced at my x-ray, said, "Oh, no problem, do you want me to do it right now? I can take it out right now if you like, say the word," and when I said, "Uh, no, I have work tomorrow," he just shrugged in unconcern. Reassuringly casual.

Today the nurse gave me antibiotics and had me lie down on a table, and the dental surgeon strode in, gave me a shot of local freezing, and then another shot, and a third. I was mourning for my book, out of reach across the room. The nurse had taken off my glasses, too. A split second passed. The surgeon asked if I could feel my jaw. He put pressure on my tooth, and then again. No pain. He said, "Okay, I'm going to waggle the tooth," and did so, and then again, a little harder, and then said, "Here, once more, a little harder again," and I heard three distinct tiny cracking noises. "There you go!" he said. "Finished."

The nurse rinsed my mouth and gave me a gauze pad to bite down on, and a little bag of extra pads, to keep biting on until the bleeding stopped. There was barely any bleeding. And NO PAIN.

I talked to the nurse about rinsing with salt water and painkillers and other routine things, thanked her and walked out into the waiting room, finished and ready to go. It was seven after nine.

The whole procedure had taken seven minutes by the waiting-room clock, and - I can't repeat this enough - NO PAIN. I love this. Who wouldn't? I've taken it easy all day, but the freezing wore off hours ago and the bleeding's stopped, and the spot is a little swollen but that's all, and I have a whole jar of Tylenol 4 painkiller I don't need, because nothing even hurts. I feel fine.

Also I just finished the Bujold book, and it's great. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants light Regency romance transposed into the key of Space Opera. Next up: Malcolm Gladwell's nonfiction book The Tipping Point.

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