Sylvia Volk (sylviavolk2000) wrote,
Sylvia Volk

Somewhat about books that are dogs

Caesar the Wonder Dog got his claws clipped. I mean, was subjected to the dreadful trauma of claw-clipping. I took him to a tiny dog-grooming business down by the Dairy Queen (I hadn't been there before) and it was great (except maybe from Caesar's viewpoint) - I picked him up and handed him to one of the girls who does the grooming, and she turned around and held him up for one of the other girls to clip. Clip clip clip and it was done. There were heart-rending squeals and wiggles, but that happens any time anyone tries to touch Caesar's claws, and it was very quick.

He's a total wimp.

I've been reading the later Dune books. There's about twelve of them now, and I checked them all out of the library but couldn't make myself go on reading them after about four. They're pretty bad. I could kick Frank Herbert's son whosis, and I could punch Kevin Anderson his cohort-in-writing ... they should never have continued the series. Never, never. Owww.

Yeah, those books are dogs.

Herbert and Anderson have an amazing ability to take what originally was important and epic, and make it small and petty. Alas. I guess that's mostly what I don't like about the books. They aren't epic. The characters are petty. Also, and this is the real pity, Frank Herbert's mastery of dialogue and setting within scene would make any lesser writer look bad. He was almost as good as Dorothy Dunnett, and that's the highest praise I know.

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